There are different lockable trailer accessories. They are designed to use trailer bed space in an efficient way. The contractors trailers are kept organized and free from clutters. Most of these accessories ensure that landscaping tools are kept safe and protected with secure locking mechanism from theft. Lockable trimmer rack is one of the landscaping trailer truck accessories. Lockable trimmer racks exist in two types. Some of the rack is ideal for open trailers while others are necessary for enclosed trailers. Locks are however sold as separate facilities.  

Lockable trimmer racks are made to carry up to three trimmers. It has a snap-in design that needs to be operated with one hand. It functions with all make and model trimmers, brush cutters. Trimmer racks prevent damage to the trimmer while being transported. It is also great stopping theft. Trimmer racks prevents model trimmers from going round as they are being ferried hence no fuel spillage. Trimmer racks prevent engine flooding. Trimmer rack has one lock design that enables one to remove trimmer from the rack in an easy and quick way. With lockable trimmer racks, you are assured that no damage can be sustained by the trimmers or edgers being transported.

There are many reasons why it is advisable to use lockable trimmer rack. It has adjustable motor support kit that allows you to hold the back of the motor in position. With the support kit, you are assured of no problems with bouncing trimmers. The support side of the trimmer rack has a funnel shaped receiver that is useful in getting the trimmer in and out of the rack easily. This is because it has a good alignment for placing the trimmer. It has open trailer mounting post system which hinders the problem of flexing angle iron nails that make the rack to be loose. The open trailer mounting post system allows the rack to be installed easily and quickly. It also ensures that the rack mounted cannot be swayed or wobbled. Lockable trimmer racks are made with stainless steel springs to ensure that the snap is maintained back in shape even when the rack has been used repeatedly. The hooks of the racks are coated with vinyl to protect trimmers in transport from scratches. It also has black powder-coated steel that cannot develop rust and will keep the rack for long. You should consider buying lockable trimmer racks for better transportation and storage of trimmers during landscaping.

The Benefits of Lockable Trimmer Racks